Why to do CT Angiography

Answer: Coronary heart disease the leader cause of death overall the world. CTA can show the cornoary state and coronary disease in just few minutes. This will help in taking proper early protectve measures, prophylactic and treatment before any cardiac damage with infarction.

1. When
Answer :- after the age of 50 year in people with no predisposing factors as HT, Hypercholestriamia, Diabetis , Obesity , smokers , atherosclerosis, family history etc. if there is predisopsing factors at age of 40 y.

2. Gender,
Answer :- Male and Females

3. preparations,
Answer :-  simple preperation

  • Renal function test must be done to ensure normal renal function.
  • Ensure no previous history of allergy to contrast.
  • Fasting overnight
  • Using drugs to lower heart rate prescribed(temporarely) by the cardiologist after consultation including ECG and blood test to assess your renal function and metabolic risk factors:
    diabetes ,lipid profile and uric acid
  • Need to visit to Cardiologist for the above considerations.

4. what to expect

  • If the coronary status is normal, this ends the test and the cardiologist will provide you with appropriate recommendations and follow up to control your risk factors
  • If abnormal either diseased vessels or suspecion of diseased vessels, further assesment with the cardiologist will be taken to assure the abnormality, and quantify the vessels states and start treatment if needed.
  • In 10-15 % the examination is non conclusive which needs further evaluation with the cardiologist.

5. Side effects
Answer: theses include

  • Exposure to radiation which will be kept to minimal by the newest technique and within the acceptable dose for the diagnostic purpose.
  • Minor side effect of the contrast injection as canula insertion and feeling of heat. Some time minor reaction to contrast, and in few cases sever reaction which might needs medical care.
  • Fatality to contrast reaction is a very rare complication but can occure even if the person have no previous allregy.
  • If there is previous allergy to contrast, the examination will not be done.

6. Result.. pre and post considerations.
Answer :-

  • Personal consideration for the radiation exposure versuse the benefit of the test.
  • Consideration for the inconclusive result in 10-15% as mentioned above
  • Consideration for the possible allregic reaction mentioned above.