Al-Ahli hospital participated in the 4th Annual Gulf Obesity Surgery Society

The Department of General Surgery, Al Ahli hospital participated in the 4th Annual Gulf Obesity Surgery Society Meeting (GOSS2016), which took place in Kingdom of Bahrain from 30th of November to 2nd of December 2016.
Dr. Abdul Azim Hussain, Chief of Medical Staff & Dr. Bakhos Al-Haddad, Specialist General Surgeon presented two studies, which were done on a big number of patients who were treated for essential obesity by Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures. These studies included assessment of Age, Gender, Body Mass Index, Co-Morbidity, Excess Weight Loss, Possible complications of these procedures, and Management of the complications.
Dr. Abdul Azim Hussain presented a scientific study about a new endoscopic technique for management of overweight and obesity. This technique is called POSE Procedure (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal), and it was implemented for the first time in Qatar at Al-Ahli hospital. The aims of this study were to define the patients who are candidates to be treated by this technique, to measure the Excess Weight Loss, and to compare the results of this study with results of the international studies which were done on this kind of procedures.
Dr. Bakhos Al-Haddad presented a scientific research that was done on 463 patients who underwent Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for management of obesity at Surgery Department of Al Ahli hospital from January 2014 until December 2015. The aims of this research were to determine the selection criteria of patients who are candidates for this procedure, to compare that criteria with the international standards, to show the distribution of this type of operation between men and women, to measure the Excess Weight Loss after 1 to 2 years, and to study the possible complications and the best ways to manage them.
Dr. Abdul Azim explained matching results of these two studies with results of the international studies regarding the selection criteria, Excess Weight Loss, complications, and management of these complications, Which shows that the medical staff in Al Ahli Hospital is keen to keep up with the highest international standards in selection of appropriate patients for each type of bariatric surgery, and the latest surgical techniques in order to reach high success rates and decrease the possible complications.
And he pointed to the satisfaction of participants in this conference of surgeons from around the world on the results of these two researches and their adoption of the highest international standards. Dr. Abdul Azim has stressed that Al Ahli Hospital is keen on the annual presence and active participation in this kind of conferences by participating scientific researches, and exchange of experiences with surgeons from around the world in aim to develop the performance and improve the results and to keep up with the latest standards and international technologies.


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